Alexandra Efstathiadis, CA


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Meet Alex, an invaluable member of The A Team, who exudes charm and professionalism. Her innate ability to connect with clients allows her to understand their challenges and provide practical solutions. Alex’s remarkable efficiency and strong work ethic are greatly admired by clients and is the reason clients keep coming back.

Within our company, she embodies a warm and genuine presence, contributing to our positive culture. Her ability to connect with colleagues and clients makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Personally, Alex values family and her Greek heritage. She’s known as the beloved ‘Theia Alex’, reflecting her caring nature. Beyond finance, she’s the affectionate Cookie Queen, spreading joy through baking.

With an approachable demeanor and professional prowess, Alex excels in every endeavor. Her dedication to work, colleagues, and loved ones makes her a standout presence personally and professionally.

Alexandra Efstathiadis
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