Lachlan Brown

Financial Advisor

Meet Lachlan, a Financial Advisor in our Abound Wealth Division. Lachie is not only well-liked by clients and staff, but he’s also known for his exceptional ability to listen. He possesses a unique talent for instantly removing any obstacles or preconceived fears clients may have had, ensuring they feel comfortable and valued throughout their financial planning journey.

His approachable manner makes the collaborative nature of financial planning feel effortless, always prioritising clients’ needs. Lachie’s friendly and welcoming demeanor, paired with his patience, sets a reassuring tone that empowers our clients to navigate their financial future with confidence.

Outside of work, Lachie maintains a healthy work-life balance by hitting the gym and playing football. This team spirit that he brings to the Abound team is a testament to his commitment to collaboration, both on and off the field. Lachie’s dedication to his work and his active lifestyle makes him a well-rounded and cherished member of our team.

Lachlan Brown

You can’t have a dream come true unless you have a dream.

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