Lisa Gandolfo


Meet Lisa, our Receptionist, bringing a wealth of experience in finance administration and customer support to our team. Lisa is known for her warm, welcoming, and supportive nature, making her an integral part of the ultimate client experience.

Her efficient and organised approach ensures that our operations run smoothly, allowing us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Lisa’s dedication extends to building strong customer relationships, a testament to her professionalism and commitment. She goes above and beyond to make our client feel valued and well-cared for.

Outside of work, Lisa is passionate about social and competitive rowing, where she embraces the spirit of teamwork and competition. She also enjoys exploring new places through travel and is an avid supporter of the Brisbane Lions. Lisa’s multifaceted interests and dedication to both her professional and personal life make her a well-rounded and cherished member of our team.

Lisa Gandolfo
Areas of expertise

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