Tanya Lewis, CA

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Meet Tanya, a seasoned partner boasting an impressive 25-year journey as a leader and trusted business advisor. She specialises in assisting businesses navigate complex tax and business intricacies. She thrives on sharing her knowledge and loves nothing more than seeing people learn and business grow. Tanya’s known for her unwavering conviction, sharp intellect, and providing independent expert witness statements for court.

Beyond her professional role, Tanya is an adept innovator, transforming creative concepts into tangible successes. She deeply values her family and passionately supports the Richmond Tigers. With an approachable demeanor, resolute professionalism, and an innate ability to connect, Tanya embodies the epitome of an exceptional partner and advisor. Colleagues and clients alike admire her intellect, steadfast principles, and the genuine care she extends. Tanya’s 25-year journey is a testament to dedication, expertise, and an enduring impact.

Tanya Lewis

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